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Welcome to my Projects page—a curated showcase of my journey through web development. Here, you'll get an inside look at a collection of both past and ongoing projects, each accompanied by my personal insights and reflections.

From crafting intuitive user interfaces to unraveling complex back-end functionalities, each project is a testament to my dedication to the craft. As you browse through these digital endeavors, you'll gain a glimpse into the solutions I've brought to life and the challenges I've overcome along the way.

Whether it's breathing life into a sleek business website or architecting a dynamic web application, I'm excited to share these digital adventures with you. So, take a moment to explore the synergy of code, creativity, and innovation, and join me in celebrating the artistry of web development.

MillyRose Photography screenshot

MillyRose Photography

Description: A place to showcase the work of a local photographer.

Requirements: A static online business card with a gallery of photos.

Tech: SvelteKitDaisyUITailwindCSSTypescriptStatic Site


Elegant photography portfolio

Pro Colour Truck Painting screenshot

Pro Colour Truck Painting

Description: Rapidly recreate an existing website that was trapped in a vendor site builder.

Requirements: Recreate the site quickly to move to a new host. No time was given for design conversations.

Tech: JoomlaCSS


I would like the opportunity to build a new site from scratch, using a modern framework.

Westplex Auto Parts screenshot

Westplex Auto Parts

Description: Custom web store for heavy truck accessories.

Requirements: An order-only web store with deep product categories for over 1000 products. Smart search, and category browse features. Admin login for product management.

Tech: SvelteKitDaisyUITailwindCSSNodeJSPrismaSQLiteTypescriptTurnstile


After researching available web store products, it was decided to build our own, as either the products were too expensive, or too limited in features.

The product images were provided by a supplier, and are not of the best quality. Client said they were in the process of taking their own pictures, to update the site.

I would like to run another design pass over this site, to make it more visually appealing.

ASDEM Deconstruction screenshot

ASDEM Deconstruction

Description: Small business website for a demolition company.

Requirements: A simple site to provide contact details, and a brief description of services.

Tech: SvelteKitDaisyUITailwindCSSTypescriptStatic Site


Awaiting additional content from the customer

Business Support Hub screenshot

Business Support Hub

Description: Paperless project management system, targeting the construction industry.

Requirements: Project management, user customisable forms, risk management, and document management, scaffold management, plant and materials.

Tech: Native PHPMySQLJavascriptjQueryBootstrapCSS


This project has been ongoing for 8+ years, and has evolved substantially. The initial requirement was simply a form builder system where customers could build forms, and have them signed by workers. It has since grown to be a much more complete project management system aimed at the construction industry.

I plan on gradually building new sections, and migrating existing modules to a modern framework.

Brygen Pest Management screenshot

Brygen Pest Management

Description: Business Management System including CRM, Job Management, Invoicing, and Reminders.

Requirements: Multiple technicians with their own schedules, and job lists. Customer management, and invoicing. Quotes, and reminders. Customers own properties, but also properties change hands.

Tech: SymphonyPHPMySQLJavascriptjQueryBootstrap


Purely user facing system with a focus on function and usability. Technicians use mobile devices while in the field, and need to complete jobs, inspections, quotations, and generate invoices. While admins use desktop to take bookings, manage customers, properties, and reminders. Maintaining usability on different screen sizes is important.

Heavenly Revamps screenshot

Heavenly Revamps

Description: Recreate an existing website that was locked-into a vendor service. Implement changes and updates to pictures, copy, and site elements. Protect contact form with invisible bot mitigation from Cloudflare Turnstile.

Requirements: Recreate the site quickly to move to a new host. Customer provided new pictures, copy, and ideas for layouts.

Tech: SvelteKitDaisyUITailwindCSSTypescriptCloudflare PagesCloudflare WorkersTurnstile


This customer took the opportunity to make the changes they had been requesting of the previous service for some time. They were quite engaged, and helpful during the whole process.

I am happy with the result of this project, and would like to apply the same design principles to other projects.

Some of My Videos

Check out some of my programming videos on YouTube. I've had a very positive response, with compliments on how easy they are to understand, and follow. I'm planning on making more videos, and would love to hear your suggestions.